CHEM 490 & CHEM 684 – RNA Structure & Function

This interdisciplinary course is designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in chemistry, biochemistry or biology programs to provide the students a comprehensive overview of recent advances and future perspectives about the marvelous world of functional RNA structures. The course discusses the fundamental aspects of RNA structures, RNA structure determination methods and strategies, functional and regulatory RNA systems and RNA-based therapeutics.

Upon successful completion of this course, you would exhibit a comprehensive understanding of the roles of RNA structures in governing fundamental biological processes, the structural basis of biochemical reactions that occur at various stages of these processes, and the cellular functions that are regulated through interactions of RNA with RNAs, proteins, small molecules and metal ions. You should be able to practically implement the methods for studying RNA structures, analyze the roles of RNA from origin of life and evolutionary perspective, and deploy RNA structure-based techniques for medicinal and biotechnological applications. You should also be able to critically evaluate published literature, identify current problems and develop appropriate research strategies in the field of RNA chemistry and biochemistry.

Please contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, your course advisor or Dr. Deepak Koirala for additional details about the course, requirements and eligibility.