Welcome to the Koirala Lab!

RNA performs various biological functions beyond conventional roles in nearly all aspects of protein synthesis, such as regulating gene expression, modifying other RNAs, and forming functional complexes with proteins and metabolites. To perform these functions, RNA often folds into 3-dimensional architectures and assumes various shapes. Consequently, defining the structure-function relationship of RNA represents a crucial step toward understanding RNA-associated biological processes and their roles in human health and disease. Our laboratory has a team of dedicated, dynamic, and diligent researchers working on understanding the structures and functions of RNAs involved in fundamental biological processes and exploring opportunities to develop RNA-targeted therapeutics to treat genetic and infectious diseases. We combine classical and modern biochemical and biophysical methods, providing the members of our laboratory an excellent opportunity to learn a wide array of techniques while pursuing cutting-edge research at the interface of biochemistry, biophysics, and biology. Current research in our lab focuses on the RNA structures associated with cap-independent viral translation and human repeat expansion disorders using X-ray crystallography and other biochemical, biophysical & molecular biology methods.